Links and Education

Institute of Chinese Herbology - Earn certification in Chinese Herbology with distance learning programs.  Since 1986 ICH has trained thousands of students and health professionals throughout the world.

AAAOM interacts with a wide range of organizations, institutions and associations that oversee, govern, advance or interact with the practice of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine within the United States

The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) since 1982 is to establish, assess, and promote recognized standards of competence and safety in acupuncture and Oriental medicine for the protection and benefit of the public.=

The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) is the only national trade association that is focused primarily on herbs and herbal products. All of AHPA’s activities are focused on its mission, to promote the responsible commerce of herbal products, and are undertaken to maintain and improve market opportunities for companies that sell herbs, herbal products and other health-related products, and to ensure that consumers continue to enjoy informed access to a wide choice of goods.

FSOMA's mission is to promote the profession of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine through clinical excellence, practitioner support and freedom of public access.

The California Naturopathic Doctors Association (CNDA) is a professional membership association representing California naturopathic doctors (NDs).

The Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association (AzNMA) - Serving its members and the public through education, legislative lobbying, and the promotion of Naturopathic Medicine in Arizona.

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