525 mg per capsule -- 90 vegetable capsules per bottle

Eliminate Wetness and Heat in the Lungs:
   Andrographis leaf Chuan Xin Lian
   Isatis root / leaf Ban Lan Gen/Da Qing Ye
   Licorice root Gan Cao
   Trichosanthis peel Gua Luo Pi
   Zhejiang fritillary bulb Zhe Bei Mu
Open and Circulate the Lung Qi, Stop Cough:
   Peucedanum root Qian Hu
   Platycodon root Jie Geng
   Tangerine rind Chen Pi
   Trichosanthis root Tian Hua Fen
   White mulberry bark Sang Bai Pi
   White mulberry leaf Sang Ye

Formulator: Kenneth Morris