Attack 1

525 mg per capsule -- 90 vegetable capsules per bottle

  • Echinacea root
  • Echinacea root (purpurea/angustifolia)
  • Elderberry root
  • Clear Toxic Heat:
       Andrographis leaf Chuan Xin Lian
       Forsythia fruit Lian Qiao
       Licorice root Gan Cao
    Open Sinus Passages, Clear Heat:
       Magnolia flower Xin Yi Hua
       Pubescent angelica root Bai Zhi
    Opens and Regulates the Lung Qi:
       Platycodon root Jie Geng
       Tangerine rind Chen Pi
    Relieve Surface Heat:
       Chrysanthemum flower Ju Hua
       White mulberry leaf Sang Ye

    Formulator: Kenneth Morris