FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


1. Question: Where are Pacific BioLogic formulas manufactured?

Answer: Right here in the USA.

2. Question: Where do you source your herbs?

Answer: We have decades of experience obtaining quality, fresh, whole pharma grade herbs and amino acid/vitamin ingredients through safe, reliable, established supply channels. All imported herbs are cleared through U.S. Customs.

3. Question: Are your formulas laboratory tested?

Answer: All Pacific BioLogic formulas are laboratory tested in the USA.

4. Question: How do you guarantee that your herbs are free from heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminants?

Answer: Herbs, amino acids, and vitamins are tested before processing at independent FDA approved labs to ensure they are free from all forms of contaminants.

5. Question: What is Fusion Extraction?

Answer: Fusion Extraction is an exclusive Pacific BioLogic process using distilled water and vegetable-based alcohol to extract herbs. We use low heat and varied times customized to each herb. All herbs are prepared together within the same formula and we do not use carriers.

6. Question: Why do you use vegetable capsules instead of the more common gelatin?

Answer: Our Kosher vegetable capsules dissolve more rapidly than animal gelatin capsules. Vegetable capsules cannot be subject to bovine spongiform encephalitis (BSE) and are approved for use by The Vegetarian Society.

7. Question: What is the therapeutic advantage of using capsules instead of tablets?

Answer: Our vegetable capsules contain 100% concentrated herbs with absolutely no fillers, binders, or flowing products. Capsules dissolve quickly allowing for rapid bioavailability and absorption. Tablets require fillers for cohesion and the tableting procedure involves heat, which can reduce the potency of active ingredients. Tablets also take longer to dissolve, which impacts bioavailability and results in slower and inefficient absorption.

8. Question: Why are fillers, carriers, binders and flowing agents used in products?

Answer: Fillers, binders, and flowing agents are necessary to form tablets, but at the same time they reduce the per dose active ingredient. For example, a 500mg tablet may only have 375mg active ingredients. Carriers are used in the extraction process to create high extraction ratios, which also reduces the amount of active ingredients per dose. Since we do not use tablets, a Pacific BioLogic 500mg capsule contains 500mg of 100% active ingredients.

9. Question: What is the shelf life of Pacific BioLogic formulas?

Answer: Beginning January 24, 2011, Pacific BioLogic will record Manufacturing Date rather than Expiration Date on our products.  This Manufacturing Date represents the date that the product is bottled.  Our products are at their highest potency when used within three years of the Manufacturing Date, however, when stored properly they do have an extended shelf life. It is recommended to store them in a cool, dry location.  Pacific BioLogic’s product Grounded should always be refrigerated and used within one year of the Manufacturing Date.

10. Question: Are Pacific BioLogic products covered by liability insurance?

Answer: Yes. All Pacific BioLogic products are covered by product liability insurance with a major U.S. insurance carrier.

Understanding Pacific BioLogic Formulas:

1. Question: Do prescription drugs conflict with taking an herbal formula?

Answer: Although a potential concern, most practitioners experience few conflicts with patients who remain on pharmaceutical drugs. Some herbs should be used cautiously in certain health conditions and in combination with prescription drugs. Becoming familiar with drugs and their intended effects and side effects can offer guidelines when integrating them with herbal medicine. Always monitor the patient’s energy, appetite, digestion, elimination, sleep, and mood to decide if the formula is producing the desired effects.

2. Question: Why do you combine Chinese herbs with Western, European or South American herbs?

Answer: Western, European and South American herbs have a long history of use for specific health conditions and there is now extensive clinical evidence that establishes their effectiveness. Based on evidence and experience, we have carefully chosen each herb to include in each formula for its particular properties in addressing a particular biological function. Blending herbs in this way can be extremely effective.

3. Question: How do I determine the correct dosage and treatment plan?

Answer: We include general dosing on all literature and product labels, however, these are only guidelines. FDA dietary supplement guidelines require all herbal supplements to list a serving size and directions for use on their label. However, as most practitioners know, dosing is according to each individual need.

Adjust the dosage based on the severity of each patient’s symptoms and signs. When the correct dose is not clear, begin with the lower suggested dose, gradually increasing according to the patient’s response. Patients who are unusually sensitive to foods, herbs, or drugs should begin with smaller than usual doses.

If you have questions or need help, please contact us at (800) 869-8783 or e-mail (pacbio@pacificbiologic.com).

4. Question: What is the best time to take a formula?

Answer: Herbal formulas should usually be taken at least 20 minutes before or one hour after meals. If a patient experiences nausea, vomiting, or abdominal discomfort, they should try taking the herbs with meals. Traditionally, formulas are taken before or between meals for conditions below the diaphragm and shortly after meals for disorders above the diaphragm.

5. Question: How long should I keep my patients on a formula?

Answer: Acute conditions require higher doses for shorter time periods and chronic conditions require lower doses over a longer period of time. You can usually begin to reduce dosage once the condition has improved and is stable. Often a maintenance dose is suggested over months or even years.

6. Question: Can I make a tea using capsules?

Answer: For those who have difficulty swallowing capsules, open capsules and dissolve powdered extract in ¼ cup (2 -3 oz.) of hot water (not boiling) and let it steep for 5-10 minutes before drinking.

Miscellaneous Questions:

1. Question: Can I call for advice concerning my patients’ treatment plan?

Answer: Yes, please contact us at (800) 869-8783 or e-mail (pacbio@pacificbiologic.com).

2. Question: Do you have supportive literature with your products?

Answer: Product information is available on-line or for download (redirect and link to the contact page to order a catalog)

3. Question: I am having great success treating patients with your formulas and would like to share my experiences with other practitioners. How do I provide you with feedback?

Answer: We are always delighted to hear success stories from our practitioners. We would appreciate it if you would send us the details by filling out the contact form on our website www.pacificbiologic.com

We value your experiences with Pacific BioLogic products and encourage you to send your comments and experience using our formulas to us.